13 Forgotten Traditional Kitchen Utensils of India

We are happy to share you the evergreen kitchen utensils.

Here is the handpicked list of some traditional utensils which is being used some kitchens to follow our ancient way.

Most of the utensils in this list were used by our ancient's more than centuries.

Now, using these traditional kitchenware's re-emerging today's kitchen.

Here we go to the old age yet immortal kitchen.

1.Khal Dasta Ural Set - Small

  • Khal Dasta Ural Set is known as mortar and pestle in English and Aatu Ural or Uralum Ulakayum in Tamil.
  • It is one of the most ancient and traditional products that is used even in present-day cooking and can be found in almost all household kitchens across India.
  • This small Khal Dasta Ural set is the perfect solution for your daily cooking. You could easily crush cardamom, garlic, ginger, pepper, chillies, and any other common cooking ingredients.
  • This Khal Dasta Ural set is a traditional and conventional kitchen tool that is crafted to perfection and it is completely made of up stone which makes it a heavy-duty and durable product.
  • It comes in very handy for our daily cooking and by using this stone Khal Batta, it is guaranteed that your dishes would have an exotic taste and aroma, with the freshly ground ingredients in it.
  • It looks similar to the smaller version of a grinding stone and it has been used since ancient times in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines.
  • It is even useful to make a fine paste of the various ingredients and takes very little time to crush the cooking ingredients to a fine perfect texture as desired.
  • This Khal Dasta Ural set is a must-have kitchen tool as it truly makes the experience of eating divine and delightful with the taste of freshly ground ingredients felt distinctly in our taste buds!
  • Buy Link: Kal Dasta ural set

Dimensions (Approx):

Weight - 2.365 Kg, Height - 10 cm, Diameter - 10 cm

2.Traditional Ammi Kal / Sil Batta - Medium

  • Since childhood, many of us have always relished the food cooked in the traditional methods. Especially using the Ammi Kal for grinding our tasty chutneys, spices, and what not! When the ingredients are freshly ground using the Ammi Kal / அம்மிக்கல் and then the food is prepared, the taste is incomparable!
  • This traditional Ammi Kal/ Sil Batta is medium in size and is comfortable to work with. The flat stone has a large surface which makes it easy for us to stretch and grind the ingredients.
  • This Ammi Kal is best used in cooking traditional south Indian cuisines like Chettinadu cuisine, Andhra cuisine, and much more variety of dishes which involves a lot of flavours, spices, and grinding.
  • This traditional Sil Batta is a must-have kitchen tool to complete your kitchen and give it that classic traditional ambience.
  • You might be wondering if the Ammi Kal takes a lot of time to crush and grind the ingredients to perfection, but actually, it takes only less time. It also gives a rich taste and the traditional touch to our food.
  • It enhances the taste and aroma of your spices and food and makes the experience of eating more divine, delicious, and healthy.
  • This Ammi Kal is undoubtedly the best to crush various spices like pepper, cumin, garlic, ginger, turmeric, tamarind, chilli, and much more!
  • Buy Link: Sil batta / Ammikkal / அம்மிக்கல்

Weight: 10.390 Kg (Approx.)

Size: Length: 30.5 cm, Width:18.5 cm, Height: 6 cm (Approx.)

3.Vegetable Cutter & Coconut Scraper with handle (Large)

Specially designed for Indian kitchens, the Vegetable Cutter and Coconut Scrapper with handle (Large) come from high-quality iron with a superior sharp blade. This coconut grater helps to make fresh, moist coconut shreds from stubborn coconuts that are hard to crack. Buy this useful kitchen utensil and use it to extract fresh coconut shreds!

Buy Link: Coconut Scraper

Also, visit our Vegetable Cutter and Coconut Scrapper collection.

Also called as Boti, Kathipeeta.

Dimensions (Approx):

Weight - 1.200 Kg, Length - 42 cm, Breadth - 5 cm, Height - 20 cm


  • Kalvam / கல்வம்  is a stone that is similar to a Grinding stone. Our ancestors have used the Kalvam in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines.
  • Kalvam is used for grinding many types of dry and wet herbs from ancient times till now.
  • This Kalvam can be used at home on a regular basis with ease, it is easy to handle, and clean. It is indeed a signature product that you can place in your kitchen cupboard, and its functionality of grinding spices makes it must-have kitchenware.
  • Perfect kitchen tool to prepare garlic, ginger, and tamarind paste.
  • Using this Kalvam Stone in your food preparation, you can enhance the aroma and taste of your food.
  • Today, this utensil has become a sought-after kitchen tool popularly known as the Natural Mortar and Pestle with modernistic fervor. This crafted stone item comes with fine carving and a beautiful decent look.
  • Buy Link: kalvam / கல்வம்

Weight (Approx.) :2.700 Kg

Dimensions (Approx.): Height - 6.5 cm, Length - 18 cm, Breadth - 10.5 cm

5.Traditional Grinding Stone (Medium Aatukkal)

  • Traditional Grinding Stone is known as grinder stone in English and Aatu Ural or Aattukal (ஆட்டுக்கல் அல்லது ஆட்டுரல்)  in Tamil.
  • It is one of the most ancient and traditional products used even in present-day cooking, found in almost all household kitchens across India.
  • This traditional ural or Aattukal set is the perfect solution for your daily cooking. You could easily crush, grind to make masalas, dosa, and idly batter.
  • This Grinding stone set is a traditional and conventional kitchen tool crafted to perfection, and it is made entirely of up stone, which makes it a heavy-duty and durable product.
  • It is perfect for your daily cooking, and by using this Grinding Stone, we guarantee that your dishes would have an exotic taste and aroma with the freshly ground ingredients in them.
  • It looks similar to the big version of Kal Dasta Ural stone used since ancient times to prepare medicines and foods.
  • It is even useful to make a fine paste of the various ingredients and takes significantly less time to crush the cooking ingredients to a fine perfect texture as desired.
  • This Aatukkal set is a must-have kitchen tool as it truly makes the experience of eating divine and delightful with the taste of freshly ground ingredients felt distinctly in our taste buds!
  • The capacity of Medium Aatukkal to grind up to 250 gm Masalas for everyday usage.
  • Buy Link: Atukkal/Grinding stone / ஆட்டுக்கல் அல்லது ஆட்டுரல்

Weight: 14.930 Kg (Approx.)

Diameter :24 cm, Height :15 cm (Approx.)

6.Traditional Rice Grains Measuring Padi

  • Rice Padi or Rice Grains Measuring Cup is often used as a traditional kitchen tool in many Indian households.
  • We take pride in presenting to you the Rice Grains Measuring Padi.
  • It is a multipurpose tool that can be effectively used in daily household cooking, festive times, and functions like Diwali, weddings, puja, housewarming, and much more!
  • This Rice Padi has a 1-litre capacity, and it can hold approximately 1.5 kg of rice.
  • The Rice Grains Measuring Padi is made with high-quality Brass (Pithalai) and is polished to give a smooth and shiny look. It is very easy to handle and clean, and it is certainly a tough and durable product.
  • This brass rice measuring cup can be easily cleaned with soap and lukewarm water. To maintain that extra shine on the brass padi, use a mixture of vinegar, tamarind, soap, and lukewarm water for cleaning.
  • Rice Measuring Pot or Arisi Padi is a measuring cup used to measure rice and other cereals. This traditional Measuring Padi has an anti-corrosion property.
  • This beautiful traditional Measuring Cup would be an excellent gift to your loved ones for their birthdays, weddings, Diwali, Pongal, and anniversary.
  • Buy Link: Rice Grains Measuring Padi /  அரிசி படி 

Dimensions (Approx):

Weight - 0.400 Kg, Height - 15 cm, Diameter - 9.5 cm, Capacity - 1000 ml

7.Grinding Stone For Grains / Ragi Kal (6 Inch)

  • In today's generation, we are tracing back our ancestors' steps and trying to follow their healthy and meaningful traditions, especially in terms of food. The traditional Grinding Stone or Ragi Kal has always found a permanent place in our grandmothers' kitchens and traditional household kitchens.
  • In our busy lives, we forget what cooking and eating mean to our bodies and how much good they can do to us if done correctly. The sound of crushing grains in the stone grinder and the aroma of fresh, hand pound rice is always a treat to our senses.
  • Using this hand grinding millstone is exceptionally beneficial and helps us get the grains' complete goodness. This Grinding Stone is made from good quality stone and is compact in size. It helps us grind the grains to the perfect consistency we desire.
  • Our forefathers and older generations were much healthier because they found exercise and gained immense strength by doing almost every household chore manually.
  • Let us discover the joy of traditional cooking and bring back the fond memories of cooking with these conventional kitchen tools.
  • To buy this traditional kitchen tool and complete that perfect traditional kitchen ambience you want to create, order the best quality Grinding Stone for grains / Ragi Kal online at Tredy Foods today.
  • The capacity of Ragi Kal to grind up to 100 gm Grains for everyday usage.
  • Buy Link: Ragi Kal / உராய்கல்

8.Traditional Pot Stand (Pramanai ) - Medium - 2 Pcs

  • Are you wondering what Pramanai is? Pramanai or Pot Stand is a traditional kitchen tool that has been used from ancient times to date to give stability to pots and vessels in the kitchen.
  • It is just a round ring entirely made with coconut tree fibres just like how our ancestors did.
  • It can be the perfect kitchen gadget to place your water pot and other utensils.
  • This is an eco-friendly product, and it will not lead to scratches on your vessels.
  • Buy Link: Pramanai / Pot Stand

Dimensions (Approx.): Weight: 0.270 Kg, Diameter: 22 cm, Height - 4.5 cm

9. Bamboo Muram or Tray

Best tool to remove husk, stone and other unnecessary particles from rice or grains, etc and it can be used in many ways as a multipurpose tool.

Traditional Bamboo Muram / Tray is an assortment of every woman’s kitchen trove. This exquisite winnowing tray is ideal to do away with every hassle of drying food items. Buy this set of winnowing trays and add these to your kitchenette.

Buy Link: Bamboo Muram / முறம்

Weight: 0.500 Kg (Approx.)

Dimensions (Approx.):

Single Tray - Length - 36.5 cm, Breadth - 38 cm, Height - 11.5 cm

10.Rice stamper / Ulakkai - 5 Feet

  • One of the most ancient and useful kitchen tools used by many women, especially in villages is the rice stamper or Ulakkai / உலக்கை.
  • Ulakkai or Rice Stamper is a traditional kitchen tool that has been used by our ancestors to powder rice and remove the husk from cereals.
  • Even now you can see this wonderful Rice Stamper in some villages of South Indian households.
  • This Ulakkai is made with very strong wood to ensure that it lasts long.
  • Both sides of this rice stamper are covered with metal to protect against any damage while using it with heavy force.
  • This Ulakkai is perfectly designed for easy handling and it is not very heavy to lift and use.
  • It can be used to powder dry chilli, turmeric, and paddy.
  • Buy link: Ulakkai / Rice Stamper /  உலக்கை

Weight: 3700g

12. Traditional Soapstone Pot/Kal Satti - 2.5 to 3 Litre

  • The Traditional Soap Kal Satti/Soapstone Pot is a soup maker which presents a prosperous texture to the food prepared in it.
  • This handcrafted Soapstone pot is made traditionally by artisans who have been making it for generations.
  • Soap Kal Satti or Soapstone Pot is an ancient cookware that conducts heat naturally.
  • Soapstone Pots or Natural Stone Cookware are great for cooking. It retains the heat for a long time after being removed from the stove.
  • Make your favorite sambhar, rasam, or anything in this culinary antique utensil! This stone utensil provides an excellent taste to the food cooked. To enjoy the best aroma and flavour, prepare your soup or rasam in this traditional utensil, and garnish it with cilantro! Serve with hot rice and savour a hearty meal!
  • Soapstone Cookware is easy to use, clean, and store. Use mild soap or dish wash liquid to clean this, Kal Satti. Avoid using vinegar and strong citrus-based cleaner.
  • Buy Link: Kal Chatti / கல் சட்டி

 Weight: 2.900 kg

Diameter: 22-25cm Height: 12-14cm 

Capacity: 2.5 to 3 Litre


13.Coconut Shell Ladle (Agapai) 

  • Coconut wood ladle – Agapai / அகப்பை is a typical ladle that has a long handle that is long enough to reach the bottom of your huge soup pot.
  • It has a perfect angle to lift and pour any liquids out from any deep bottom vessel.
  • Made out of high-quality coconut shell, it is used mainly during festivities such as Pongal and other spiritual functions.
  • So, this natural handmade utensil is perfect for serving curries, gravy, soup, buffet etc. It is easy to use and eco-friendly too.
  • Buy Link: Agapai / அகப்பை

Material: Coconut Shell

Weight (Approx)  : 0.050 Kg to 0.080 Kg

Capacity (Approx): 100 to 150 ml 


14. Palm Leaf Rice Sieve / Strainer

  • Do you love traditionally handmade products? Here is the perfect product for you.
  • Tredy Foods proudly presents to you Soru Vadi Thattu or Rice Filter Plate, which is entirely made from palm leaves. It is also known as Boiled Rice Strainer.
  • You can use this Rice Filter Plate without any hassle, and it conducts less heat than steel and so you can hold it for a longer time.
  • Boiling the rice and removing the water and consuming it is a great way to intake rice than the regular pressure-cooked rice.
  • Buy Link: Palm leaf rice sieve/strainer



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