Grinding Stone For Grains / Ragi Kal (6 Inch)

Grinding Stone For Grains / Ragi Kal (6 Inch)-Tredy Foods
Grinding Stone For Grains / Ragi Kal (6 Inch)-Tredy Foods
Grinding Stone For Grains / Ragi Kal (6 Inch)-Tredy Foods

Grinding Stone For Grains / Ragi Kal (6 Inch)

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Grinding Stone For Grains / Ragi Kal (6 Inch):

  • In today's generation, we are tracing back our ancestors' steps and try to follow their healthy and meaningful traditions, especially in terms of food. The traditional Grinding Stone or Ragi Kal has always found a permanent place in our grandmothers' kitchens and traditional household kitchens.
  • In our busy lives, we forget what cooking and eating mean to our body and how much good it can do to us if done correctly. The sound of crushing grains in the stone grinder and the aroma of fresh, hand pound rice is always a treat to our senses.
  • Using this hand grinding millstone is exceptionally beneficial and helps us get the grains' complete goodness. This Grinding Stone is made from good quality stone and is compact in size. It helps us grind the grains to the perfect consistency we desire.
  • Our forefathers and older generations were much healthier because they found exercise and gained immense strength by doing almost every household chore manually.
  • Let us discover the joy of traditional cooking and bring back the fond memories of cooking with these conventional kitchen tools.
  • To buy this traditional kitchen tool and complete that perfect traditional kitchen ambiance you want to create, order the best quality Grinding Stone for grains / Ragi Kal online at Tredy Foods today.
  • Order this hand Grinding mill Stone at TredyFoods online and get it delivered to your doorstep!
  • The capacity of Ragi Kal to grind up to 100 gm Grains for everyday usage.

Dimensions (Approx) :

10 16.5

Refer Above Table

H - Height(cms), D - Diameter(cms), W - Weight(Kg) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Netravati M. (Maharashtra)

Excellent product just as aspected.

Abha J. (Bihar)
Delivery of ragi kal

Delivery was easy, and timely. The product was delivered in goid condition and appears to be useful.

Mrs V.K. (Maharashtra)
Small grinding stone

Excellent miniature. Well packed. Received in record time. In our community weddings have a special ceremony where few grains are ground . This is a beautiful lil grinding stone. Thank you .

APARNA A. (Rajasthan)

Grinding Stone For Grains / Ragi Kal (6 Inch)

Amita R.V. (Karnataka)
We bought this as going back to the roots is the way ahead

Please provide some details for seasoning the stone before actual usage.. I know the process but many would require it

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