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Traditional Ammi Kal / Sil Batta - Medium


Traditional Ammi Kal / Sil Batta - Medium:

  • Since childhood, many of us have always relished the food cooked in the traditional methods. Especially using the Ammi Kal for grinding our tasty chutneys, spices, and what not! When the ingredients are freshly ground using the Ammi Kal and then the food is prepared, the taste is incomparable!
  • This traditional Ammi Kal/ Sil Batta is medium in size and is comfortable to work with. The flat stone has a large surface which makes it easy for us to stretch and grind the ingredients.
  • This Ammi Kal is best used in cooking traditional south Indian cuisines like Chettinadu cuisine, Andhra cuisine, and much more variety of dishes which involves a lot of flavors, spices, and grinding.
  • This traditional Sil Batta is a must-have kitchen tool to complete your kitchen and give it that classic traditional ambience.
  • You might be wondering if the Ammi Kal takes a lot of time to crush and grind the ingredients to perfection, but actually, it takes only less time. It also gives a rich taste and the traditional touch to our food.
  • It enhances the taste and aroma of your spices and food and makes the experience of eating more divine, delicious, and healthy.
  • A fun fact is that by using the Ammi Kal to grind your ingredients you are giving a great exercise to your arms and hands and you can proudly flaunt those big biceps!
  • This Ammi Kal is undoubtedly the best to crush various spices like pepper, cumin, garlic, ginger, turmeric, tamarind, chili, and much more!
  • So, it’s time to spice up your food and your life, buy the traditional Ammi Kal/ Sil Batta online at TredyFoods today and get the best quality Ammi Kal delivered to your doorstep!

Weight: 10.390 Kg (Approx)

Size : Length: 30.5 cm  , Width:18.5 cm  ,  Height: 6 cm (Approx)

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D.janaki D.

Traditional Ammi Kal / Sil Batta - Medium

Rajesh T.N.

Very good 👍

Deepa D.

Traditional Ammi Kal / Sil Batta - Medium

Tavleen K.

Traditional Ammi Kal / Sil Batta - Medium

Cute ammikal

Excellent finish and cute