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Granite Polpat + Rolling Pin


Granite Polpat + Rolling Pin :

  • The granite Polpat and Rolling Pin is a kitchen tool that is used worldwide. It is called chakla and belan in Hindi and simply chapatti Rolling Pin and board in English.
  • You can use this Granite Polpat and Rolling Pin to roll out and make many yummy dishes like chapatti, poori, pizza, paratha, Frankie, spring roll wrappers, parotta, and much more!
  • Your kitchen would be incomplete without this quintessential kitchen tool as it comes in handy to use almost on a daily basis.
  • This Granite Polpat has a smooth surface and is completely flat. It is ideal to place it on the kitchen countertop or on the floor and it provides a firm grip while we are rolling the chapatti.
  • If you are struggling to achieve that perfect round to your chapatti, then this Granite Polpat and Rolling Pin are the most ideal and the best buy option for you. It has a shiny surface and helps you shape out the perfect round chapattis.
  • We at TredyFoods are committed to giving you the best quality products. Order the Granite Polpat and Rolling Pin online at TredyFoods and enjoy eating delicious and healthy food with your loved ones!

Dimensions (Approx) :

1 - - 3.6 20 24.5 3272
2 34 3.4 - - - 160

Refer Above Table

L - Length(cms), B - Breadth(cms), H - Height(cms), T - Thickness(mm), D - Diameter(cms), W - Weight(gms)

Material : 
S.No.1 : Polpat - Stone
S.No.2 : Rolling Pin - Wood

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5 - 7 Business days after dispatch

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