FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you have to sell?

We are bringing in our fold traditional, native, healthy and unique tasting sweets and snacks to be delivered at your doorstep

  • Do you offer Cash on Delivery?

Yes. We offer Cash on Delivery which most of the other websites don't offer.

  • Where are the products prepared?

The products are prepared at the place where they have originated from or are well known and famous. Yes, if your choice is Halwa then it is obviously from Tirunelveli District.

  • Are only native snacks and sweets dealt with?

No. All snacks and sweets that are not only native but those which have a unique taste from a particular place are also brought in our fold.

  • What about Fruits?

As of now Mangoes alone are included in our website. We sell them only during peak-Mango season. We guarantee a unique taste of our Mangoes as they are handpicked carefully and packed well.

You will find our Mangoes to be of superior quality over the ones you can find with your roadside vendor. The flesh of our Mangoes can be scooped with a spoon while the mangoes you get from the other vendors would be like fibers.

  • When will my order be delivered?

Estimated delivery are given against each products. While sincere efforts are being made to deliver the products within the given time frame factors like, availability, festive seasons, courier delays are bound to happen. These factors are constantly monitored to keep any inordinate delays under control.

  • How will my order be delivered?

Courier companies offering the best services are roped in to deliver your products safely.

  • What guarantees freshness for the products ordered?

Tredy Foods strives to deliver the products that are fresh and systems are kept in place to source the best products and safely consign them to you. We don't stock the products but place once we receive orders. Even though we don't deny that it involves time we at Tredy Foods believe that centralising the whole despatch process would lead to economies of scale and allow quality check , aggregating the products would add value to the customers who wish to procure different products from different sources instead of routing the orders to the respective vendors.

  • Whether products ordered from different origins are aggregated?

Yes. Once you place your order the products are sourced from the respective source, received at our facility, quality checked, aggregated, safely packed and then consigned to you.

  • What about Refunds?

Refunds are subjected to conditions and would differ on a case to case basis. Some of them are

  1. When the order is inordinately delayed to be delivered say more than a week
  2. When the products ordered are not available or have gone out of stock.
  • Where are my products purchased from?

Products hosted in Tredy Foods are either traditional or native food items or snacks and sweets that have a unique taste and quality. Majority of the products are procured from their origins and then dispatched. Tredy Foods have a wide network to source products and have them sent to you.

  • How about packing?

Packing is our extreme concern. We take all steps to have your products delivered in a perfect and hygienic condition without any damage. We at Tredy Foods  strive to deliver the best product and in that endeavour we accept no compromises. As far as packing is concerned we have received feedback from our customers stating that the outer packing is done in a carton box and the look is not proportionate to the order size. We take this as a complement and the reason is we do not want any amount of rough handling to affect the quality, taste, look or texture of the food item in any case.

  • Can I track my order?

Yes. You can track your order clicking here or by clicking the "Track Order" in the Home Page

  • Do you deliver outside India?

Milk-based products are not eligible for international delivery. We have partnered with DHL to deliver our International orders.

  • Can I place bulk orders? 

Yes. You can place bulk orders for any products that are available in Tredy Foods.com. You can place your bulk orders by dropping a mail to sales@tredyfoods.com.

How to contact you for further enquiries?

Logon to our chat window for further details.

How to supply products to Tredy Foods?

We at Tredy Foods constantly strive to cater to the vast customer needs and in that endeavour we have launched this "Become a Vendor" initiative, wherein you can select a product of your choice which you feel will be a "Big Hit " or a product that is not available with us currently or it could be even a product which in your opinion fares well than the one we already have. By that way you can start selling that product to us on a regular basis and a earn commission on it. We know you would be engaged in your day to day busy schedule but all you need is to identify a single product which you can buy with ease and send it our way.

You can drop a detailed mail about the products you can supply to vendor@tredyfoods.com and our representative will call you to onbaord you.