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Knife Set - Stainless steel (5 Varieties)


Knife Set - Stainless steel (5 Varieties):

Do you really have the time and need to ponder about from one aisle to another looking for 4-5 varieties of knives to serve various purposes?

Wouldn’t you rather prefer a packaged and collected set of knives at one place for your convenience?

You can even afford to lie back and order this special set of knives online.

One click and they will be sitting right in front of your doorstep complete with foolproof and precise packing.

Material: Blade - Stainless steel, Handle - Wooden

Blade Length (Refer Image Left To Right): Deba Knife(11.5 cm), Fruit Knife(12 cm), Sashimi Knife(20.5 cm), Usuba Knife(18 cm), Bread Knife(20 cm).

Handle Length (Refer Image Left To Right)Deba Knife(11 cm), Fruit Knife(11 cm), Sashimi Knife(12 cm), Usuba Knife(12 cm), Bread Knife(12 cm).

Net Weight: 0.630 Kg

Estimated Delivery :

5 - 7 Business days after dispatch

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