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Iron Fry Ladle


Iron Fry Ladle/Thalippu Karandi : 

  • Iron Fry Ladle or Thalippu Karandi is vital cookware in everyone's kitchen used in many ways.
  • This product is entirely made with food-grade Iron to deliver you the perfect Fry Ladle for your kitchen.
  • It is a non-stick Ladle, easy to handle and clean.
  • Specially made for long-lasting regular use, and it is strong and sturdy.
  • It is extensively used in south India to season and temper foods like sambars and chutney.
  • Best Ladle to make Ladle or Karandi omelet that is easy and quick food.
  • This iron fry ladle is the best tadka pan you can buy and use for tempering and seasoning all your delicious foods.
  • A word of caution, do not pour in extra oil while making your delicious omelet as it may catch fire.
  • Tredy Foods always ensures that you get quality products only. We are here for you to buy Iron Fry Ladle/ThalippuKarandi.
  • Order your Iron Fry Ladle online from Tredy Foods to get it delivered to your doorstep.

word of caution: Do not pour in extra oil while making a delicious omelet for it can catch fire.

Dimensions (Approx):

Weight : 500 gms

Size : 42cm X 9.5cm X 3.5cm  (L*B*H)

Estimated Delivery :

5 - 7 Business days after dispatch

Customer Reviews

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Genuine Product.

Genuine product, quality same as described. It’s a value for money product. Those who value traditional handmade products should go for it.

Iron fry ladle

Reminded me my childhood memories. My granny used to season dishes with iron ladle. She used to dip the ladle into the dish with a " chui...n" sound. I never imagined myself doing the same now 😉😉. Also granny used to heat the ladle red hot n dip it into water before taking bath, especially for small kids. Used to tell i, it pushes away all evil forces. No small kids in our home, otherwise I would have done the same. Thanq very much Tredy foods for bringing back all the memories 🙏🙏

Best buy

Best tadka ladder


Iron Fry Ladle


Iron Fry Ladle