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Diwali Special Gift Box - 10


Diwali Special Gift Box - 10 :

  • Festive times are here and all of us are waiting to devour on some scrumptious sweets and crunchy snacks! 
  • Tredy Foods is delighted to present yet another delicious combo of sweets and snacks.
    1. Sattur Mixture
    2. Nagercoil Nendhran Chips
    3. Srivilliputhur Palkhova 
    4. Homemade Groundnut wonders
  • All these sweets and snacks are traditional south Indian specialities, they are made with fresh pure ingredients and taste absolutely delicious. 
  • The Sattur Mixture is a popular snack in South India. It is a treat to all the spicy snacks lovers as it tastes yummy and it is crunchy to eat. 
  • The Nagercoil Nendhran Chips are the most cherished and treasured snack from the Nagercoil District, that have a unique taste and appearance and has a delectable taste.  It is seasoned with salt and pepper to give you a subtle spicy taste while enjoying it. 
  • The Srivilliputhur Palkhova is one of the best South Indian sweets that has been in existence from a long time. It is made from fresh full fat milk to give us the most creamy and rich milk cake or Palkhova.
  • The Homemade Groundnut Wonders are laddus made with fresh groundnuts, ghee and jaggery to ensure that you enjoy delicious and healthy groundnut laddus.
  • This Diwali treat your guests and friends the most treasured and savored South Indian sweets, which can be enjoyed by one and all.
  • Surprise your beloved family with this sweet gift box and enjoy these Diwali special sweets to your heart’s content!
  • Order the Diwali Special Gift Box online at Tredy Foods today and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Gift Box

Weight Per Gift Box: 575 Grams

Each Gift box contains (shelf life) :

Estimated Delivery: 

3 - 4 Business Days after dispatch

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