Iron Dosa Tawa - Square - Double Handle

Iron Dosa Tawa - Square - Double Handle-Tredy Foods
Iron Dosa Tawa - Square - Double Handle - Tredy Foods

Iron Dosa Tawa - Square - Double Handle

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Iron Dosa Tawa - Square Type/Double Handle:

  • If you want to achieve the restaurant-style crispy roast dosa, then this Iron Dosa Tawa in a square shape with a double handle will be your best friend to help you out!
  • This Iron Dosa Tawa is also known as Dosa Kallu in Tamil and is predominantly used in many households and restaurants to make crispy and tasty Dosas!
  • This Iron Dosa Tawa has a double handle designed especially for your convenience and to make it easy for you to lift and carry it when it has to be cleaned or washed.
  • This iron flat Tawa for dosa is a must-have kitchen utensil to make both cooking and eating experiences delightful!
  • To clean this Iron Dosa Tawa just use plain dish soap and water or tamarind or vinegar to clean it. A pro tip is that it must not be washed often and once after being used, just apply a coat of oil to keep it clean and non-sticky.
  • You can easily make very thin and crispy dosa, onion dosa, masala dosa, and roast with this flat Tawa for your loved ones.
  • This Dosa Kallu requires less amount of oil to cook, retains the heat for a long time, and it also increases the iron content in your food.
  • This is a square-shaped thick and pure Iron Dosa Tawa made with quality food-grade Iron to deliver to you the perfect Dosa Tawa.
  • Tredy Foods Iron Dosa Tawa is not coated with Teflon. Compared to Teflon coated Tawa this Dosa Tawa is the better choice of cookware.
  • Say no to synthetic utensils and try this authentic Iron Dosa Tawa.
  • If you are wondering about iron Dosa Tawa seasoning and if dosa would get stuck to the Iron Dosa Tawa, worry not, because we at Tredy Foods are here to deliver to you the best quality non-sticky Iron Dosa Tawa.
  • You can now buy Iron Dosa Tawa online at Tredy Foods! Place your order for Iron Dosa Tawa square type with double handle today at Tredy Foods and enjoy crispy and tasty dosa with your loved ones!
  • Seasoning for Iron Dosa Tawa:

Step 1: Wash it with soap or dish wash liquid and dry it with a cloth.

Step 2: Apply oil and salt to both sides and spread it all over the Tawa and leave it for 24 hours.

Step 3: Wash it again then apply little oil and fry some salt crystals on it until the salt gets the black color.

Step 4: This is the final step. Fry some onions on this Iron Dosa Tawa until the onion gets a dark brown color and then wash the Tawa with soap or dish wash liquid.

Step 5: this Iron Dosa Tawa is now perfectly ready to make your favorite food!

Weight: 3.200 kg (Approx.)

Length: 30.5 cm, Breadth - 30.5 cm Thickness: 3 mm (Approx.)

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Customer Reviews

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Sarika G. (Karnataka)
Dosa tawa

Excellent product thank you trendy food...

Santosh P. (Manipur)

Iron Dosa Tawa Square Type - Double Handle

Mandy K. (Meghalaya)

Iron Dosa Tawa Square Type - Double Handle

Shakti S.C. (West Bengal)
Very good

Was satisfied with the product

srinivasan.D B. (Karnataka)
fast delivery

neet products good what we orderd same things to supplied

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