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Colorful Palm Leaf Round Winnowing Basket / Sulagu


Colourful Palm Leaf Round Winnowing Basket / Sulagu :

  • Sulagu is also known as Winnower in English and Muram in Tamil. It was very popular and handy kitchenware in ancient times which was used on a daily basis.
  • Tredy Foods takes pride in reminding you of this traditional kitchen tool. Presenting to you the Colour Vatta Sulagu, a unique yet classic kitchen tool that would surely be of great help to you in your daily cooking.
  • This Colour Vatta Sulagu, is basically a moderation to the simple moram. As the name suggests, this product has a circular shape, and it is painted in beautiful colours to give your kitchen the perfect traditional vibe!
  • This Palm Leaf Sulagu is one of the best traditional kitchen products, which is commonly used in India, for separating stones and husks from rice and grains.
  • There is no plastic used in this Palm Leaf Muram since it is made entirely using Palm leaf. Which makes it an eco-friendly product as well!
  • With a different shape and a beautiful colour, this Colour Vatta Sulagu is all you need to bring back the traditional setup to your kitchen.
  • You can now buy Muram online. Order for Colour Vatta Sulagu online at Tredy Foods and get it delivered to your doorstep. 

Dimensions of One Piece (Approx):

36 8 3 335

Refer Above Table

D - Diameter(cms), H - Height(cms), T - Thickness(mm), W - Weight(gms)

Material: Palm Leaf

Estimated Delivery :

5 - 7 Business days after dispatch

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