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Chettinad Masala - Ready to Cook


Chettinad Masala - Ready to Cook:-

       Without a doubt our chettinad cuisine offers one of the most intensely flavorful and spiciest dishes in the world.It is for this reason the chettinad dishes have become extremely popular in India and across the globe.So,having our ready-to- use chetinad masala of top quality becomes inevitable and absolutely irreplaceable to prepare chetinad dishes.Our chettinad masala will most certainly  stimulate the taste and aroma of your meal.If you use our authentic chettinad masala in your chettinad dishes it will leave an unforgettable and blazingly spicy taste and flavor not just in your palate but also in your heart and mind.

                    Carefully chosen and only the best of the ingredients/Indian spices are chosen to prepare our chettinad masala. Only top quality dried and grated coconut,red chillies,coriander seeds, cumin seeds,black pepper,biriyani leaf,cloves,dried and fried garlic cloves,cinnamon sticks,star anise,kasthuri methi(dried dil),mustard ,fennel seeds,kuskus  and salt are chosen and then they are dried,blended and finely ground to get the authentic, flavourful  and ready –to-use chettinad masala for you. 

Shelf Life: 365 days 

Estimated Delivery : 2 or 3 Business Days

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