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Cast Iron Paniyara Pan - 7 pits


Cast Iron Paniyara Pan - 7 Pits :

  • An unforgettable favourite of the south Indian cuisine is the kuzhi paniyaram or simply the shallow fried balls of batter made from rice and lentils, which is very much similar to the dosa batter!
  • Kuzhi paniyaram can be a go-to dish to cook for busy people as it is so simple to make and constitutes for a quite filling meal too!
  • We at Tredy Foods take pride in presenting to you the Cast Iron Paniyara pan with 7 pits in it which helps you make seven crispy, tender and fluffy paniyaram balls at a time!
  • This is the best Paniyaram Pan for you to achieve that wonderful taste, which helps in giving a soft and fully cooked paniyaram with a crispy exterior.
  • This Cast Iron Paniyarakal is made from the best quality food grade iron and is completely safe to cook. It also increases the iron content in your food.
  • A plate of steaming hot paniyarams is best served with home-style tomato chutney or the most popular kara chutney to make your meal tasty and enjoyable!
  • Seasoning for cast iron Paniyara pan
  • Take your new cast iron Paniyara pan and soak it in arisi kanji thanni or rice porridge water for one full day
  • Wash it clean with soap and water and ensure to wash all the pits cleanly.
  • Apply a generous coat of oil and fry some onions in each pit until they turn golden brown in colour.
  • Switch off the flame, remove the onions and let the pan rest with the oil for another day.
  • Finally wash the pan twice or thrice properly and wipe it dry.
  • Your cast iron Paniyara pan is now ready to make piping hot kara kuzhi paniyarams!
  • Are you craving for some delicious paniyarams now?! Stop waiting and place your order today for cast iron Paniyara pan at TredyFoods and enjoy a delicious meal. Buy Cast Iron Paniyara Kal online at Tredy Foods to get the best quality food grade iron product to make the healthiest and tastiest paniyarams!

Weight : 2.5 Kg

Diameter: 21 cm Height: 5 cm

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5 - 7 Business Days after dispatch 

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