Soapstone Kalvam

Soapstone Kalvam-Tredy Foods
Soapstone Kalvam-Tredy Foods

Soapstone Kalvam

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Soapstone Kalvam :

  • Soapstone Kalvam is a stone that is similar to a Grinding stone. Our ancestors have used the Soapstone Kalvam in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines.
  • It is used for grinding many types of dry and wet herbs from ancient times till now.
  • This Soapstone Kalvam can be used at home regularly with ease. It is easy to handle and clean. It is indeed a signature product that you can place in your kitchen cupboard, and its functionality of grinding spices makes it a must-have kitchenware.
  • It is the perfect kitchen tool to prepare garlic, ginger, and tamarind paste. Using this Soapstone Kalvam in your food preparation, you can enhance your food’s aroma and taste.
  • Today, this utensil has become a sought-after kitchen tool popularly known as the Natural Mortar and Pestle with modernistic fervor. This crafted stone item comes with a fine carving and a beautiful look.
  • Buy Soapstone Kalvam Online at Tredy Foods. Order your Soapstone Kalvam Online now to get it delivered to your doorstep.

Product Dimension (Approx) :

Weight : 2.850 Kg

Length : 19 cm, Breadth : 15.5 cm, Height : 6.5 cm

Weight of the product & Shape Differs based on the availability.

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