Soapstone Paladai Cup for Baby

Soapstone Paladai Cup for Baby-Tredy Foods

Soapstone Paladai Cup for Baby

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Soapstone Paladai Cup for Baby :

  • Tredy Foods soapstone Paladai Cup is a traditional utensil that is entirely handmade and well finished for smooth edges.
  • It has been commonly used in India to feed milk to newborn babies when the mother cannot breastfeed.
  • This Paladai Cup has two narrow tips to ensure the feeding of higher volume of milk to babies easily, and it is also friendly to the baby’s lips. This product approximately holds 30 ml of milk in it.
  • The compact size of this product makes it easy to take this everywhere so the babies could drink enough milk at any time and would make the tiny tummy satisfied anywhere. 
  • Breastfeeding is essential for the growth of babies. Nowadays, many of the babies are born below the required weight. Whatever the weight of the baby, feeding enough milk is very essential to the baby. 
  • Some babies struggle to drink or latch on to the mother and directly drink breast milk. In such cases this Soapstone Paladai cup is ideal to feed the baby.
  • This Paladai Cup or Paladai Spoon is specially made for this, and it has been used from ancient times till date to make sure that the baby drinks enough milk.
  • Now, the Paladai For Baby is available online at Tredy Foods. Place your order for this product from us to deliver it to your doorstep.

Product Dimensions (Approx) :

Weight : 600 Grams

Length : 11.5 cm, Breadth : 7.5 cm, Height : 3.5 cm

Capacity : 30 ml

Weight of the product & Shape Differs based on the availability.

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