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Grinding Stone For Grains / Ragi Kal (6 Inch)

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Grinding Stone For Grains / Ragi Kal (6 Inch):

The sound of grinding stone for grains was prevalent in all households in the past. The fragrance of the churned and crushed grains filled the air in the house.

From times immemorial, this tool for daily use has found its permanent place in the kitchen of traditional households. The flavours of spices and grains attain new heights, unlike when ground in electronic gadgets.

You can get these grinding stone for grains for taste enhancement of your dishes. 

Capacity of Ragi Kal to grind upto 100 gm Grains for everyday usage.

 Weight : 5.820 Kg (Approx)

Diameter :16.5 cm , Height :10 cm (Approx)

Estimated Delivery : 

2 - 3 Business Days after dispatch (Within TamilNadu)

3 - 5 Business Days after dispatch (Except TamilNadu)


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3 reviews