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Soapstone Cookware Seasoning

November 17, 2020

Soapstone Cookware Seasoning

Soapstone Cookware Seasoning Method:

Commonly one can't use the new soapstone cookware directly for cooking. We have to season the soapstone cookware entirely and make it fit to cook. The seasoning process takes almost ten days to finish.

Day 1:

  • Place the Kalchatti on a mat on a flat surface (table or slab).
  • Clean the surface of the Kalchatti thoroughly using a newspaper or dry tissue paper.
  • Pour castor oil or any edible oil, mix turmeric powder and apply on all sides.
  • Add more edible oil & turmeric powder as required.
  • At the end of the day, oil is absorbed by Kalchatti completely.

Day 2 to Day 4:

  • Repeat the first-day’s process daily for three more days using edible oil & turmeric powder as required.
  • Kalchatti color changes from white to black once it has observed the oil.

Day 5:

  • Remove the excess oil from the Kalchatti using newspaper or dry tissue paper.
  • Use hot water to clean thoroughly and allow it to dry it for one full day.

Day 6 to Day 9:

  • For the next three days, immerse the Kalchatti in starch water (hot) for three days. Replace the starch water (hot) daily. (Never use normal water or soap water; use only starch water).

Day 10:

  • Remove the Kalchatti from the starch water and wash using mild dish wash liquid. After drying, Kalchatti would have turned black by now.
  • Fill it up with hot water and allow it to cool slowly.
  • Never keep the empty pot on the flame directly.
  • Introduce to direct flame very slowly by turning the heat in simmer and then to full heat.
  • Now the Kalchatti is ready for cooking.

Note: Never introduce to sudden high heat during the initial few times of cooking