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Velvet Bean Seed Powder


Velvet Bean Seed Powder:
Secretly known as an exotic aphrodisiac, the Velvet Bean Seed Powder is known as the most potent mood enhancing libido booster ever present.

The potent herb was recommended by sages in Vedic times to reduce anxiety and stress. Now, sold as Velvet Bean Seed Powder (dusted powder), it is widely used in our native sub-continent for making sweets, especially for newlyweds.

Alternative Name:
Kapikachu, Mucuna Prurita, Poonaikali (Tamil)

Purpose of Use :
It is used to gain physical strength and increase sperm cells.

Direction :
Internal Use only

Consumption level :
Age upto 12 - Take 1/4 Spoon Punnaikali Vitai Podi

Age above 12 - Take 1/2 Spoon Punnaikali Vitai Podi

How To Use :
Take 100ml Warm Milk or Warm Water, mix this podi well and drink

Time Of Use :
Take twice in a day (Morning and Night after intake of food)

Shelf Life: 365 days

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