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Salem Bangalora - Tirupur Home Delivery


Salem Bangalora Mango :

Place of Speciality: Salem, Tamilnadu

  • Do you love the taste of fresh, ripe juicy and pulpy mangoes?! Are you craving to indulge in sweet mangoes right now?! 
  • Worry not, Tredy Foods is here to satisfy your cravings. We at Tredy Foods take pride in presenting to you the king of fruits, sweet juicy and delicious mangoes! 
  • These are not just any ordinary mangoes. We have sourced the most fresh and delicious Salem Bangalora mangoes to satisfy the mango lover in you! 
  • Salem district is popularly known for its best quality sweetest mangoes. Every year, at Salem there is a large variety of fresh and juicy mangoes being sold to enjoy the delicious fruit. 
  • The speciality of the Salem Bangalora mangoes is that they have a perfect taste of sweetness and a rich aroma with a gleaming golden yellow colour on top, that is sure to stimulate your senses! 
  • The Salem Bangalora mango is one of the most delicious types of mango. With each bite, this golden fruit will leave you craving for more of it! 
  • You can now buy fresh Salem Mangoes online. Order for Salem Bangalora mangoes online at Tredy Foods and get it delivered to your doorstep! 

Storage: The mangoes will be sent in Semi Ripe Condition so as to avoid damage in transit. Leave the mangoes in the hay in which they are supplied, and they will ripen gradually in 4 - 6 days. Refrigerate only after it ripens. 

Shelf Life: 5 Days 

Estimated Delivery :- 2 - 3 Business Days After Dispatch

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