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Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Edge Raised Tawa


Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Edge Raised Tawa : 

The Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Raised Edge Tawa has been traditionally popular in the kitchen of our grandmothers. The cast iron raised edge pan is a highly versatile addition to your kitchen. Pure, top grade iron is used in the casting process. That makes this raised edge tawa strong and thick. Food cooks evenly due to equal heat distribution, as Indian food is normally cooked for long duration and at high heat. This helps to retain the heat longer and also prevents food from getting burnt.

Tantalising neer dosa, pancakes, omelettes and scrambled eggs can be made in this raised edge cast iron tawa. Also, the supreme quality of this pre-seasoned cast iron tawa pan ensures that no more harmful chemicals get into your food. This pre-seasoned Cast Iron Tawa is sure to last for generations to come. 

Weight & Dimensions (Approx) :

8 Inch Tawa : Weight - 1.053 Kg, Diameter - 21 cm, Height - 2 cm

9 Inch Tawa : Weight - 1.430 Kg, Diameter - 23.4 cm, Height - 2.4 cm

10 Inch Tawa : Weight - 1.905 Kg, Diameter - 25.2 cm, Height - 2 cm

Estimated Delivery :

5 - 7 Business days after dispatch

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