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Karupatti kadalai Mittai


Karupatti kadalai Mittai :

  • Kadalai Mittai is also called as peanut candy in English and Kappalandi Mittai in Malayalam.
  • Split fried peanuts with Karupatti syrup is called peanut candy, Kadalai Mittai or chikki mittai would be the crunchiest treat to your taste buds.
  • This Karupatti Kadalai Mittai is hygienically handmade with the delightful combination of selected peanuts and wonderful karupatti or jaggery to make you relish each bite of it. In this product, sugar is replaced by karupatti, which is the best sugar alternator.
  • Karupatti Peanut Candy is a traditional snack that is very famous in South India from the 80s’ and 90s’ time, and it is still in competition with modern snacks.
  • It can be the best snack that you can carry with you easily everywhere to munch and enjoy it when you are hungry. 
  • You can carry this wonderful snack along with you to your workplace, picnics, road trips and gym sessions and it would surely be a tasty treat to your friends! 
  • Now the Karupatti Sweet is available at Tredy Foods. Place your order for Karupatti Kadalai Mittai to give us a chance for making you happy with this snack. Order this product from us to get it delivered to your doorstep.

Shelf Life: 60 Days 

Estimated Delivery :

5 - 7 Business days after dispatch

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great taste

This is real good stuff.. I would recommend this whole heartedly. Go for it.. I am ordering Karupatti for 1st time, but have ordered the other peanut candy 3 times

Healthy & Delicious

I ordered for first time with these guys . Delivery was quick . Quality was very good. Being in Uk it was hard to get these items, lucky found you guys. Would recommend to many .
Suggestion : Don’t know if you would customise individual product been ordered, eg: less sugar or more spicy , if you could do that then it would be perfect for everyone’s need.


Good Quality, Great Taste , Good Response , Timely Delivery

Karuppatti Kadalaimittai

Excellent quality & Taste. Keep it up. I would definitely repeat the order and recommend to others

Karuppatti Madurai mittai

Very good snack.