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Saamai / Little Millet Wonders

3 reviews


Saamai  / Little Millet Wonders :

Ingredients: Samai (Little Millet), Jaggery.

Taste: Traditionally prepared, Little Millet Laddu is the healthier version of the laddus. It tastes delicious and is loaded with nutrients. Little Millet Laddu is a perfect blend of all the ingredients, so finely, that it just melts in the mouth. It is an awesome laddu that can be relished for sure without guilt.

Health Benefits: Little Millet is a natural source of protein, and rich in calcium, iron and minerals. It eases digestion as it is a good source of fibre, and excellent for strengthening the nervous system.

Storage: Store the Laddus in an airtight container at room temperature, in a cool and dry place.

Consumption process: Use it within 60 days from the Date of Packing. It is very hygienically prepared and very natural too.

Shelf life: 60 days

Estimated Delivery :- 1 - 2 Business Days

Every 1 Box Contain 30 to 32 pieces

3 reviews