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Himalayan Pink Salt


 Himalayan Pink Salt  :

Product Description :
Himalayan Pink Salt is not only the purest salt on earth but is absolutely uncontaminated with any toxins or pollutants. Also known as the white gold of Himalayas, this beautiful natural salt with its pink hue is hand harvested from ancient sea salt deposits in the pristine Himalayan mountains, containing 84 naturally occurring elements found in the human body these beautiful crystals will not only benefit your health but will delightfully enhance the natural taste and flavor of your food

It regulates the water content throughout our body and normal blood pressure levels. Promotes healthy pH balance in cells, particularly in brain cells. Promotes blood sugar health and heals the signs of aging. Absorbs food particles throughout your intestinal tract. Promotes vascular health, sinus health, respiratory health and bone strength. Prevents muscle cramps. Naturally promotes and regulates sleep.

Future Organics was established with an objective to serve food that is completely natural and organic with no pesticides or preservatives. Organic food is not only safer and more nutritious, but often better tasting than its chemical laden counterparts. Future Organics is the best way to revitalize your health and appreciate the true taste of nature!

Shelf Life: 24 month

Estimated Delivery :- 2 - 3 Business Days

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