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Green Chirayta Powder


Green Chirayta Powder:

Green Chirayta Powder, made from herbal ingredient, has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral potency. In fact, all your favourite digestives that your grandmother specifically feeds you contain Green Chirayta extracts.

If you’re an ardent lover of Hajmola, then you already know where its sharp-sour tang comes from. Add this extract to your Morning chhola dal mix or Tandoori kebab and get a tasty blend of flavour so gustatorily pleasing that you wouldn’t like sharing your breakfast with anyone!

Alternative Name: 

Kirayat (Hindi), Nilavembu (Telugu), Nelaberu  (Kannada), Nilavembu (Tamil)

Purpose of Use :  

Green Chirayta can be used to cure the Viral fever,It helps to cure sugars

Direction :

Internal Use only

Consumption level :

Age upto 12 - Take 1/4 Spoon Nila Vaembu Podi

Age  above 12 - Take 1/2 Spoon Nila Vaembu Podi

How To Use :

Take 100ml Warm Milk or Warm Water, mix this podi well and drink

Time Of Use :

Take twice in a day (Morning and Night after intake of food)

Shelf Life: 365 Days

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