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Diwali Wonders Combo - 2


Diwali Wonders Combo - 2 :

  • Tredy Foods is here to make your Diwali wonderful by presenting to you the Diwali Wonders Combo Box filled with unique and tasty sweets. 
  • The Diwali Wonders Combo Box is packed with the healthiest variety of laddus to make your Diwali even more special and to help you indulge in these sweets without compromising on your fitness plans! 
  • This sweet gift box contains an exceptional combination of sweets that are prepared traditionally from fresh authentic ingredients. 
  1. Roasted Gram sweet Laddu 
  2. Sorghum Jowar Laddu
  3. Sweet Corn Laddu 
  4. Homemade Groundnut Wonders 
  • This delicious mouth-watering roasted gram laddu is a traditional sweet, very commonly made in South India. Called the Maladu (or ‘Pottu kadalai’ in Tamil), it is a quick delight whenever you have a craving for sweets.
  • Tempt your taste buds and make them happy with the extraordinary taste from the Jowar laddu.
  • Sweet Corn laddu is a really nutritious sweet. It is perfect as an after-dinner dessert or for any special occasion. This soft delight just melts in your mouth and takes you to another level altogether with its awesome flavour. 
  • The Homemade Groundnut Wonders are laddus made with fresh groundnuts, ghee and jaggery to ensure that you enjoy delicious and healthy groundnut laddus.
  • Enjoy these four unique laddus with your family and friends and celebrate this Diwali by ordering the Diwali Wonders Combo from Tredy Foods.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Gift Box

Weight Per Gift Box: 850 Grams

Each Gift box contains (shelf life) :

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