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Diwali Special Gift Box - 1


Diwali Special Gift Box - 1 :

  • Tredy Foods takes pleasure in making your Diwali much more special and memorable by presenting to you the exclusive Diwali Special Gift Box containing a treasure of the most cherished and delicious sweets and Karam.
  • The Diwali Special Gift Box contains the evergreen favorite traditional sweets and snacks from South India which are Sattur Mixture, Nattu Vazhai Pazha Halwa, Srivilliputhur Palkhova, Homemade Groundnut Wonders, and Kammarcut.
  • With four of the yummiest, lip-smacking South Indian Sweets and one delicious crunchy and spicy snack, this sweet gift box is the perfect gift for your dear ones.
  • This box is a delight to all the traditional sweet lovers, as it contains a very unusual mix of traditional delicacies that are not easily found in all sweet shops.
  • Surprise your beloved family and friends with this Diwali Gift Box and enjoy these sweets and savories to your heart’s content!
  • This Diwali, bring home the most favorite sweets enjoyed by one and all. Make your festive occasions more special by ordering this Diwali Special Gift Box from Tredy Foods.
  • Order the Diwali Special Gift Box online at Tredy Foods today and get it delivered to your doorstep.

    Weight Per Box: 625 Grams

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Gift Box

    Each Gift box contains (shelf life) :

    Estimated Delivery: 

    3 -  5 Business Days after dispatch

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