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Badham Mix


Badham Mix

Ingredients: Sugar, Dairy Whitener, Almond, Cashew nut, Saffron, Cardamom, Maltodextrin, Permitted Colour, and Natural Flavouring Substance.

  • Badham mix or Almond mix powder is a standard product that is used in home and shops to make Badham flavored milk and also other delicious recipes.
  • We at Tredy Foods are excited to present to you the instant Badam Mix Powder that is a fine blend of Almond, Cashew, Saffron, and Cardamom.
  • This instant Badham Mix would surely be a treat to your taste buds for its pleasing aroma and delicious taste. 
  • You can make some delicious recipes with this product for you and your loved ones such as instant Badham milkshake, hot Badham milk, juice, and it can even be used in ice creams and burfi.
  • It is suitable for both hot and cold drinks so welcome your guest with a chill Badham milkshake and watch them enjoy the refreshing cold Badham milk. 
  • Start your day with a cup of Badham drink that is both delicious and beneficial. Store this powder at a cool and dry place.
  • This product is waiting online at Tredy Foods for you to relish it. Order Badham Mix Powder Online from Tredy Foods to treat yourself with its mesmerizing taste.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Always use a clean dry spoon, to prevent the formation of lumps. Once used, close the container tight.

Consumption process: Best Before 9 months from the Date of Packing.

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5 - 7 Business Days after dispatch 

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Badam mix