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Barhee Dates (Yellow Dates)


Barhee Dates (Yellow Dates):

Yellow Barhee dates make an excellent crunchy sweet snack and are often simply eaten on their own.
If left at room temperature, it will eventually turn a brownish color as it ripens, becoming soft and chewy with a thin crisp outer skin.

Barhee Dates (Yellow Dates) Benefits:

1.  The nutritions fiber and carbohydrates are presents in Fresh Dates which helps for easy digestion.
2.  It repairs and cures hair fall problems 100% for both men and women
3.  For women, it helps to cure uterus disease and helps for pregnancy problems.
4.  It helps for peaceful sleep and free from body tiredness.
5.  The potassium which presents in it keeps nerve system healthy and helps for body fitness.
6.  The alcohol adicts can be prevent and cure from sickness by eating Fresh Dates.
7.  Fresh Barhee Dates contains Magnesium, which prevents us from stomach and intestinal cancer.

Store in eversilver airtight container, Refrigerator for longer freshness.

Shelf Life: 7 Days.

Estimated Delivery : 2 or 3 Business Days.

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