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Ayush Natural Peanut Butter

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 Ayush Natural Peanut Butter :

A favourite among adults and children alike, Peanut Butter has been a household darling since forever! we bring you a healthier Organic Natural Peanut Butter which is just as delicious. Made by hand using organically grown peanuts and with no artificial inputs, this natural peanut butter is devoid of chemicals and harmful preservatives. With only the best quality peanuts used, we ensure you enjoy your favourite spread the healthy way. No Hydrogenated oil go any kind is used, unlike normal commercial peanut butters.

Ingredients / Composition :
Organically Grown Peanuts

Future Organics was established with an objective to serve food that is completely natural and organic with no pesticides or preservatives. Organic food is not only safer and more nutritious, but often better tasting than its chemical laden counterparts. Future Organics is the best way to revitalize your health and appreciate the true taste of nature!

Shelf Life: 6 month

Estimated Delivery :- 5 - 6 Business Days

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