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Kalvam :

When the world was anew, and the sages resided in forests, stone was their basic material to build any kind of daily usage utensil. The Kalvam has its roots in history when it was used for grinding herbs and preparing medicines.

Today, with modernistic fervour, this utensil has become a sought-after kitchen tool popularly known as the Natural Mortar and Pestle. This crafted stone item comes with fine carving and a beautifully decent outlook.

It is indeed a signature product that you can place in your kitchen cupboard, and its functionality at grinding spices easily makes it a must-have kitchenware.

Weight :3.310 Kg

Dimensions :  Height  - 5.6 cm, Length - 20 cm, Breadth - 13 cm


Estimated Delivery :- 2 - 3 Business Days

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3 reviews