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Quarantine Snacks

April 28, 2020

Bored and hungry for munchies during these times in quarantine. Craving a quarantine snack? We got you covered. We have 1500+ snacks ranging from kara's, crunchy, crispy, spicy, sweet, sour, sweet and sour, fried, baked. You get the idea. Here are some snacks that we think are perfect for these long days in quarantine.

  1. Manaparai Murukku This crispy swirls is made with standard crud dal flour and also with many traditional ingredients like cumin seeds, omam, hing  and  ghee.
  2. Sattur Kara SevIt tickles your tastebuds with a spicy combination of both chilli and pepper.
  3. Karamadai Pudi Murukku - It is a staple snack, continues being a treat for the eyes and tastebuds.
  4. Sattur MixtureIt has some peppy ingredients like groundnuts and finely grained sev for a lip smacking experience of snacks as your heart asks for more.
  5. Milagu Thattaithis unique snack has been made from Rice flour, Urad dhal, Black pepper, Sesame, Butter, Asafetida and Groundnuts.
  6. Nendhram Chips - Formed with freshly  harvested bananas from gods own country and finely fried with pure coconut oil for a divine flavor as you could not deny.
  7. Bombay Mixture - It is a unique combination of many ingredients like Moth dhal, Green Moong Dhal, Almonds, Peanut and much more.
  8. Chettinad Kai Murukku - It is specially made with quality ingredients to treat you with an amazing taste that.
  9. KaraboondhiKara Boondhi is a perfectly seasoned snack, popular in the Southern part of India!
  10. Chettinad Thaen Kuzhal Murukku - Try our new Thaen Kuzhal Muruku that has a unique taste which you had missed all these days.
  11. Butter ThattuvadaiTaste the snack that has fun size and great taste from tradition.
  12. Masala Peanut - Masala coated peanuts for a spicy snack time
  13. Arcot Mixture - Now go spicy with Arcot’s mixture with its own signature recipe that has a lip smacking taste
  14. Ratlami Kara SevRatlami Sev is a popular and very flavourful, fried and crispy snack made with gram flour and aromatic spices like pepper, ajwain, and others.
  15. Andhra Special Chekkalu (Nippattu)This authentic must-try rice crackers, made with delicate hands, taste homemade and deliciously addictive.